Monday, October 30, 2006

$15 a month Challenge - Update

Well, we have a little more than 24 hours to go in our November 1 deadline. So far, we have only seen about 8% of the envelopes returned from our $15 a month ask letter.

We have seen our support percentage go from starting at 64% to being at 67% . We have also received $520 towards our goal of $2,500 in special one-time needs.

Leslie and I know that God is in control. We are seeing the miracles in the midst of this. But, it is discouraging as well. Can God still provide? You bet!! Are we prepared if He doesn't? Yes. Support raising is a process and we don't desire to circumvent anything God might be trying to do in or through us. We know and recognize that He may not choose to provide in this timing.

Right now, Leslie and I are in a hard place. We trust God can answer our pray in the affirmative and see our entire support raised in less than 24 hours from now. But, humanly, we are thinking it isn't going to happen. We know that God has three basic answers to our prayers "Yes", "No", and "Wait". We know and believe that God desires for us to have our support raised. It is just that He might be saying wait.

For over a month Leslie and I have felt called to pray for the completion of our support by November 1. We have taken bold steps to make our need known and to do the work that God has called us to do. We have been praying name by name for each recipient of the $15 a month ask letter. We have been praying for favor, a quick reply, and for each person to follow God's calling in how they are to respond.

We know that not everyone who was sent a letter could give. We know that there are recipients who it would be a huge faith step to give $15 a month. There are others, who could quite easily give ten times that without even blinking. However, we are seeking that people respond to God, not to us. I would raither not have our support raised than to have our support raised through someone's disobedience to God.

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