Thursday, June 30, 2011

The Arrival of Baby Rebholz...

Yesterday, Wednesday the 29th was a L O N G day!!!!
God brought Benjamin Paul Rebholz into this world at 5:50 PM weighing 6 lbs 8 oz and 19.25 inches long.  Praise the Lord he is healthy and an absolute delight!

Overview of the day: 7:30 AM Dr broke the water and began Pitocin drip-“inducing” drug (medicine to bring about contractions).  Labor was progressing slowly until after intense pain an epidural was given (which there is a God story in the timing of the epidural being administered).  Then labor took off like lightening.  After pushing for about 2 hours, the baby’s head would drop with each push but return to its original position at the end of the pushing.  Dr assessed that the way he was positioned, he just wasn’t going to come out. Leslie says:
"The Lord humbled me when the Dr said that he wasn’t going to come out that way and I would have to have a Caesarian Section.

Being wheeled into the surgery room, God granted me the peace that this was His plan (c-section) all along despite my human efforts and pride.  Tears of overwhelming joy came as our son was shown to us for the first time around the curtain in the operating room."

Finally at 9:30 PM Leslie was wheeled up to the Postpartum Floor (the floor for all post delivery moms and babies) and reside here (at the hospital) till Saturday evening (72 hours after the the birth).

If you are on facebook, you can read many of Mike’s posts throughout yesterday. We hope to post photos to our baby website ( in the next few days.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Now or Later

Volume 6 Issue 4
Now or Later

Posing for our maternity shoot before baby arrives
We are mere days away from Leslie being induced for the birth of our first child (Wednesday June 29).  Right now, it is a waiting game not knowing if our little boy will arrive on his own or be assisted through induction.  But it is nice to at least have an ending timeframe.

Mike recently posted to his friends on Facebook “Have you ever been in the place where you know something is going to happen and you are just waiting for it to happen -- not sure if you want it to happen right away or wait for it to happen? It is that way with waiting for the arrival of our baby...”

Mike and Leslie celebrating 6 years May 8th, since their first date!
There are many times in our lives when we must wait.  Sometimes our waiting comes with the desire for it to come quicker.  Sometimes our waiting comes with the desire for it to happen later.

Our church has a “SERVE” day which Keynote, benefited from volunteers who did various projects for us.
The mixed emotions of Mike’s question is in some ways the same mixed emotions of what we as believers might feel about Christ’s return.  We would love for the opportunity to meet our Savior and yet, there are so many more that need to know Him.  We would love to be rid of our earthly bodies and yet we would love the opportunity to raise our yet unborn boy to place his faith and trust in Christ.

Thankfully, there is one who is in control of all of these things and we need not worry about them.  We just keep moving forward doing the things He has called us to.
What’s been happening
in the ministry ?
  • Summer Project—our bands are on the road doing concerts and our film team is just about done with their short film to head out to do showings.
  • We just finished training 2 new interns as well as a refresher for a 2nd year intern.  All 3 are raising their support to join us in the fall.
  • These past few months Leslie has evaluated a number of intern applicants.
  • Leslie continues to serve as an online missionary through Global Media Outreach.  She responds to messages submitted with questions about God and maintains a dialogue with many as they seek Him.
  • Mike continues to coach 9 staff as they are raising their initial support after having just had 3 raise their support and report to Keynote.

Prayer Requests;
  • Pray for the delivery of our baby boy. He was due June 21, induction scheduled for June 29.

Coming soon to the Rebholz home...
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