Sunday, August 14, 2016

Summer Lineup

Summer is here! The Rebholz family has stayed put this summer (no moving and no travel trips). We are jumping right into athletic world by working alongside athletes. Mike worked with the high school Ultimate Training Camp at AIA HQ.

Leslie discipled 3 college interns for the summer who were here as a part of a larger group serving at AIA HQ’s (see photo to right). Recently, we hosted all the summer interns for a Monday night meal. What a neat opportunity to get to know them (see photo bottom rt.). We will also continue to equip and inspire laborers to be Christ-centered, fully-funded, and financially faithful as we coach and mobilize a 20+ laborers between the two of us.

Scope of the AIA Summer happenings:
Many athletes ponder this question “Can I be competitive, all the while being a person who has surrendered their life to having Christ on the throne?” AIA Ultimate Training Camp (UTC) seeks to answer that question. The heart and goal of the camp is to help current competing athletes give their lives and talents back to God and in turn, find freedom. Freedom from placing their identity and overall value in their sport. We see it in the world we live in, athletes in the media are idolized and put on a pedestal. Yet, sometimes, as glamorous as their life may seem, they sometimes may be spiritually broken. It’s because they succumb to the pressures of the world, demands of their sport, coaches and university. All taking the place of God.

The Spring and early summer was a flurry in our ministry for Mike and I. Praise the Lord we came out still breathing and praising the Lord– we are blessed and life is FULL! AIA celebrated its 50th Anniversary as over 400 of our AIA staff family were present for our biennial AIA staff Conference called Springboard. (see photo at left) Thankfully, Xenia is AIA’s Headquarters so we didn’t have to travel but down the road. Mike ran the tech for the conference. Leslie took over 1,000 photos of the commemorative event (not a professional by any means just a hobby). Amazingly, all 4 AIA president’s past and present were there. What a tremendous opportunity to hear stories of God’s mighty hand blessing and using this ministry to sports and athletes in the world!

NEW AND UPDATED: The official AIA ministry website is now at in NOW the evangelistic website, “The Assist”. The articles are sports centered yet Biblical as they tackle current and controversial topics in the sporting realm and news media.