Thursday, October 19, 2006

Michigan Conference

Leslie and I returned from being in Michigan at Michindoh Conference Center for four days for a support raising follow-up conference. It was a good time to be around other Campus Crusade for Christ staff who are raising their support. Along with reminders about our support raising process, we took part in a financial stewardship seminar called Good Sense. Though Leslie and I have been living on a budget since we got married, it was good to sit down with an advisor one-on-one and look at our budget and talk about our finances. Leslie and I desire to be wise stewards with the money God entrusts to us -- not just in how we spend our money, but even how we give to our church and other missionaries.

Leslie and I are continuing to trust God in seeing our complete support raised by November 1. As it stands as of the writing of this message, we have pledges totaling 64% of our goal. It is amazing to me to see how God works. Before Leslie and I left for Michigan, we were at 62%.

Leslie and I often look at the goal that we have and we wonder, "How in the world can we see it all come in by November 1?" And yet, even when we are away and not making phone calls, God provides another 2%. How awesome is that?

Leslie and I continue to seek God in the midst of this time. Even when one of us seems to lose hope, the other is able to step in and help bring the Godly perspective that we need. Marriage is wonderful that way.

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