Sunday, October 22, 2006

$15 a month Challenge

15 dollars
The $15 a month Challenge has been sent out with much prayer on Leslie's and my part.

What is the $15 a month Challenge? Well, Leslie and I are trusting God to raise up our remaining support by November 1. (Just 9 days from now.) The basic idea is that Leslie and I had a list of people we intended to contact and try to meet face-to-face with to invite to be a part of what we are doing.

Most likely, it would have taken us at a minimum 3 months to get the appointments with this list of people. I believe as I was in the middle of writing a letter that God impressed upon me to just send a letter to each of these individuals (whom many of them have recieved my newsletter for the last 8 years) and ask if they would support us for $15 a month. If each person who recieves a letter will give $15 a month, Leslie's and my support team will be complete!

So, in our letter, we asked each person to pray about what they felt God was calling them to do. If they couldn't give monthly, would they consider a special gift for some of our one-time needs. If they couldn't give financially, would they pass the letter on to someone who would support us at $15 a month.

The hardest part in all of this is that the letters have to be reiceived, read, decide the action, then a reply sent all prior to November 1. Leslie left our apartment to deliver the letters to the Post Office at 3:45 PM today. We are praying that some people will recieve their letter tomorrow and immediately respond and that we will see our first responces on Wednesday. (One week prior to our November 1 goal.)

To some people, $15 a month is just a little bit. To others, $15 a month is a lot. We know that there will be some that could do more and others who can do nothing. But, we know that our support comes from God and it is in His hands.

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