Friday, February 14, 2014

A Band in India...

Volume 9 Issue 1

 WHAT:  Stone  (a rock band from Keynote)
WHERE:  India
WHEN:  Sept.– Oct. 2013
WHY: The goal for this trip was to showcase what Keynote does and to help model for their ministry in the future.  A total of 12 shows and 6 training workshops. Gospel presented to approximately 7500 people.

Before one of the bands first shows,  Shawna (member of the band) was talking with a group of college girls and one of them asked her "Why do you believe in God?" door!! :)  She was able to delve into the gospel with about 4 or 5 of these women.  They had some great questions.
 Teresa (lead singer in Stone) had opportunities to speak with many women in the audiences.  One show she was chatting with a group of Muslim women.  They were polite, but said that they believed in their God and we believe in ours.  No real hope for change.  Teresa shared with them that one of the reasons she loved Jesus was for the way He treated women.  He respected them.  She then encouraged them to read about Jesus.  We are praying that those seeds that were planted take root and they discover the love of Jesus.

After a concert at Unity Christian College in Cochin, Chris (another band member) got into a conversation with four female students. After telling him how much they liked the music, one of them named Sharon asked why he believes in Jesus Christ.  Chris got to share his story with these four young women and have a good conversation about their beliefs. Pray that God stirs the lives of these women.

 Late one night as Shawna was resting from a long and hot day of ministry in Trivandrum, she logged into her Facebook account and found this message from Jacob:
"I'm so glad to have met you.  You guys came to my college yesterday for the outreach concert.  It was awesome, yet I felt so depressed by Teresa's words...I've been trying to contact you because I'm a hell deserving sinner who wants to be saved.  That's why.  I hope you could help me..."

This is just one of so many students who desperately need hope.  Stone had the opportunity to begin the training process for a music group to be formed in India.


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