Saturday, December 28, 2013

Rebholz Christmas Greeting

25 things related to the Nativity

Baby born in Bethlehem
Candle, Camel
Eternity begins with Jesus
Frankincense, Gold & Myrrh (3 gifts given)
Gabriel announced the birth of Jesus
Heavenly Hosts
Inn –no room
Joseph father of Jesus, Joy to the World
Kings, Knee bow to Jesus
Light of the World (Jesus)
Magi- 3 kings who brought gifts to Jesus, Manger
Nativity scene
Obedience of Mary and Joseph
Purple is the color of royalty and represents Christ as King.
Quirinius-governor of Syria-census took place
Rejoice Immanuel means God is with us
Star of Bethlehem, Shepherds, Savior is born
Tree to the Cross, Town of David
Unto us a child is born, Unto us a Son is given
Virgin Mary-mother of Jesus
Worship, Wreath for Advent

In the annual Christmas season with all the hustle and rush it’s easy to miss the wondrous and powerful reality - Savoring the real joys of Christmas!  The following are excerpts from God’s Little Christmas Book:
Our first Christmas gift is the God of gifts, Jesus Himself, the Son of God.  Without Christ there is no Christmas, for a Christmas without Christ is meaningless.  But the tiny Babe in the crib has conquered all hearts.  His birthday has become a day of joy for the whole world.  It is not difficult to see, therefore, why events which fell on this birthday or happenings related to the sacred festival are of intense interest to every love of the Christ Child. 
One of the most potent, though silent testimonials of Christ, is the fact that all chronology is dated “before’ or “after” Christ.  B.C. and A.D. meet and part at His crib.

A personal Jesus accepted means salvation; a personal Jesus obeyed is sanctification; a personal Jesus followed is a life of brotherly kindness and true philanthropy; a personal Jesus reigning in the heart is the fullness of peace and joy and power.  The bells of Bethlehem ring one note; the Christmas carols are all calling aloud the same note:  “Back to Christ!” “Back to Christ!”  --T. L. Cuyler

Set a chair somewhere, today, for your Master.  Determine to have a Christmas all the year round, by giving your Lord and Savior the best seat at the table in your heart.  – T. L. Cuyler

Rebholz Christmas Card

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