Monday, August 11, 2014

86 New Missionaries

Our Workshop Group…He [Jesus] said to his disciples, “The harvest is plentiful but the workers are few. Ask the Lord of the harvest, therefore, to send out workers into his harvest field.” (Matthew 9:37-38) Having recently returned from Cru’s winter New Staff Training this verse causes me to marvel at what we experienced there. How exciting to see God raise up 86 new missionaries and to have the privilege and to train them in Ministry Partnership Development (MPD) skills and best practices so you can fully engage in the reaching the lost. We (Mike and Leslie) assisted in the workshops (see our workshop photo top rt.). We listened to and gave feedback on presentations so that the new staff could be more effective in their ministry presentations (left).

Small group in the workshopIt was encouraging to hear their personal stories how God called them to serve full-time in the mission field. Here are a few examples of what God has done to raise up laborers!

One young (early 20’s) single new staff gal applied to Cru staff a few years ago. But, her level of debt disqualified her from being accepted. So as a flight attendant she took on a second job cleaning houses to pay off EVERY penny of her debt and reapplied this past year and was accepted.

Main MeetingA couple - Michael/Jennifer -in our workshop were students involved in Cru during college at Wisconsin. As recent college grads and newly married they pursued applying for staff with Cru. The Lord closed the door. This past year the husband wanted going back to grad school but found out his scholarship/grant funding was pulled. God reopend the door for them to join staff. They have a heart for reaching college students at their alma mater especially as it has unique demographics.

A young couple –Jeff and Lauren- have stepped out in faith to spend a year in Costa Rica And taking their family (2 yr.old and new baby) as God has called them.

Main conferenceTo sum it up our role as Ministry Partnership Development (MPD) coaches is to equip and inspire leaders to be Christ-Centered, fully-funded and financially faithful. As God raises up new full-time missionaries we have the privilege and opportunity in PREPARING to help lead others to Christ to worship the Lord in Heaven. Can you imagine what God IS, CAN, WILL do in and through these 86 new laborers in the Harvest Field both in the US and overseas? God has convicted me as well as increased my Kingdom sized thinking to see the Kingdom results through training these new staff. Let us PRAISE THE LORD for how many people will be challenged, invited and prompted to accept Jesus as their Lord through these new missionaries!

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