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Erica's Story

Volume 9 Issue 1
Erica's Story

In our work in Human Resources, we often get just one opportunity to speak with a person and help them in the process of deciding if full-time ministry is for them.  Then there are other opportunities where we get to have multiple chances – like Erica…

Erica had just completed her freshman year at Michigan State University when we first met her on the 2009 Keynote Summer Project.  At Cru’s Christmas Conference in 2011 we talked with her about internship options (Keynote, overseas, back at Michigan State…) upon her graduation.  A few months later Erica applied to do an internship with Keynote.  Leslie had the privilege to pour into Erica as she evaluated her internship application.  In 2013-2014 (the year following her time at Keynote) Erica spent a year with Cru overseas.  In the fall Leslie met up with Erica at a follow up conference for new staff with Cru. Erica has recently reported to her full-time assignment in Boston.  We asked her to share a bit of her journey with you.

When you met with Mike and Leslie, what solidified your decision to intern with Keynote?
From what I remember of our conversation, I appreciated being able to ask you both many questions and felt cared for in an unbiased way. I'm sure you guys wanted me to intern with Keynote, but it was very important to me to feel cared for in whatever decision I would come to make and I felt that way with you guys. That care actually helped me make the decision to intern with Keynote.
As you look back on the past years, is there anything that the Lord used to confirm you calling to Staff?
In the midst of MPD [Ministry Partner Development], I've been reminded of the need for people to know Christ for the future (eternity) and immensely here on earth. I've been refreshed hearing countless stories of students who've made decision to follow Christ and hearing how Jesus has brought them fulfillment and purpose. I've been reminded of my deep desire for getting the gospel out to students who might not have anyone in their life who follows Christ. I've had times where I've rejoiced at knowing my life matters because I have Christ in my life no matter what the circumstances and this fervent desire to make this possible for other students has further confirmed my calling on staff. And in general, I really enjoy Cru. :)

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Prayer Requests
  • Wisdom and unity as we gear up to work on support full time in the near future.
  • As we travel next month to training new staff.  Strength for the long work days.
  • Prayer for Chelsey (whom Leslie is coaching) as she is walking through a challenging season in her life.  (grace, wisdom, forgiveness)

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