Friday, January 23, 2015

An Interview with Erica...

In our January 2015 newsletter, we shared a couple items from an interview with Erica.  Here is the full interview:

What part did your Keynote summer project experience play in growing your faith?
God used my time on summer project with Keynote in 2009 in incredible ways to grow me. I look back on that time remembering a few significant things. One was about God's forgiveness of me and with that my ability through him to forgive my sister when she hurts me. Another thing I learned was spending time alone with God each day. I watched another student all summer read her Bible in the mornings and that's when I first started that spiritual discipline in my life. This was also a time learning how I could use relevant things like music to share Christ with others.

When you met with Mike and Leslie, what solidified your decision to intern with Keynote?
From what I remember of our conversation, I appreciated being able to ask you both many questions and felt cared for in an unbiased way. I'm sure you guys wanted me to intern with Keynote, but it was very important to me to feel cared for in whatever decision I would come to make and I felt that way with you guys. That care actually helped me make the decision to intern with Keynote.What role has Cru, its trainings, experiences played in your Spiritual Growth/ walk with the Lord?SO MUCH. I would say the past 6 years of my life have been extremely life-changing as God has used 2 Summer projects, 5 Christmas Conferences, discipleship, and 2 years of interning to equip me. I feel like I've learned so much about who Jesus is and the life God has given me through him, in the midst of my trials and errors, in the past 6 years. I've seen people who don't give up on me and the reflection that is of how the Lord will not give up on me. Learning to walk by the Holy Spirit was something He taught me and is continuing to teach me all the time. 

Tell me a bit about your year overseas?  What did you do while there?
While overseas in the Middle East I was a part of a team doing campus ministry in a large city. We went to 5 different university campuses and would have conversations about life, God, and the gospel. God gave us many opportunities to share Christ and we had spiritual discussion groups and English clubs each week. My favorite part was getting to think through and create a few digital strategies that helped us get in touch with students who may have never had another opportunity to share the gospel. For example, we had the Falling Plates video translated and advertised on Facebook. In the first two weeks, there were over 17,000 views by college students in our country. Crazy!! 

As you look back on the past years, is there anything that the Lord used to confirm you calling to Staff?
In the midst of MPD [Ministry Partner Development], I've been reminded of the need for people to know Christ for the future (eternity) and immensely here on earth. I've been refreshed hearing countless stories of students who've made decision to follow Christ and hearing how Jesus has brought them fulfillment and purpose. I've been reminded of my deep desire for getting the gospel out to students who might not have anyone in their life who follows Christ. I've had times where I've rejoiced at knowing my life matters because I have Christ in my life no matter what the circumstances and this fervent desire to make this possible for other students has further confirmed my calling on staff. And in general, I really enjoy Cru. :)

Jesus has changed Erica’s life!  Through these different ministry opportunities (Summer Project, Internship, and joining staff with Cru) she is helping others see the life-changing message of the Gospel in their lives as well. What a journey it has been to walk alongside the next generation as they are called reach people for Christ.  Erica is just one of the many people we’ve had the opportunity to pour into, to equip, and to train so that the Gospel goes forth. Thank you for the opportunity to not only help change lives but see young men and women use their talents, vocation and to help build the Lord’s Kingdom.   

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