Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Travel Abounds

Volume 8 Issue 4
Travel Abounds

As the fall begins, the travel schedule picks up for us.  Both of us have traveled to Orlando the 2nd week of September.  We attended the Ministry Partner Development School of Coaching.  While Mike attended something like this almost 8 years ago as he began coaching new staff as they raise their support, many changes have been made in the schooling.  Leslie went as a new coach.  This signifies added responsibilities for Leslie, but still provides flexibility in her ministry hours.  The job entails helping new staff as they raise their initial support, keeping them accountable, trying to encourage them, and helping them to keep a right perspective that God is in control.  Mike’s parents took care of Benjamin while we were both on the road for this training. 

In October, Mike will again hit the road, but this time for Valley Forge, PA.  This will be for an Intern Coordinator’s Conference.  While Mike was able to hand off the intern coordinator role last year to a woman in our ministry, she will be in India with a band from Keynote who will be performing on college campuses throughout the country.  So, as her supervisor, Mike is filling in at the conference for her.

The fall also usually brings recruiting trips.  These have not been determined yet, but it is likely that Mike will make a trip or two to try to recruit college students to join Keynote.
Summer recap

 Below: Benjamin on his dad’s shoulders enjoying the worship music during an evening session. 


Right: Outside the main auditorium staff gather and connect with others.


Left: Cru’s new logo as displayed on the stage of the US Staff Conference.

Above: While Mike was in college-years ago, Claudia’s husband, Dick–now with the Lord –challenged Mike to embrace reading the Bible in the context of everyday life and it changed Mike’s life. 

Below: A fun family moment amidst the busy staff conference.

Praise & Prayer:
  • Praise for a GREAT summer! (travels, visit family, staff conference, ministry/serve opportunities)

  • Amidst life’s demands, deadlines, activities and serving, our relationship with the Lord would be #1.  His Word would permeate our every thought and action.

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