Thursday, March 17, 2016

Super Bowl

Volume 10, Issue 1
On the Saturday morning prior to the Super Bowl #50, Athletes in Action hosted the Super Bowl Breakfast.  There the presentation of the Bart Starr award was awarded to this year’s recipient, Carolina Panthers' linebacker Thomas Davis.  The Bart Starr Award is given annually to a player in the NFL who exemplifies outstanding character and leadership at home, on the field and in the community.

Among the 10 nominees, Davis was voted in as the award's 29th recipient by his peers, including NFL opponents and teammates.

Davis played in the Super Bowl with a broken arm (and was credited with seven tackles) that was sustained in the NFC championship game two weeks prior. He has overcome three knee surgeries on the same knee in his 10-year NFL career.

Surely this man of character can and will overcome a Super Bowl loss because Christ is his leader.

Davis recalled during his acceptance speech a time about four or 5 years ago, sitting in Jerry Richardson’s office (the owner of the Panthers), after a third ACL tear to the right knee.  Mr. Richardson had to make a decision about whether to allow him to continue on in his NFL career. Davis believes there is a good reason that he has been given the opportunity to continue to play. He stated “When I think of the last four years since that meeting, how good the Lord has been to me.  It makes me emotional.”

He went on to state “As an NFL player, we have a platform.  It is important to be a good example for our children.  I set an example for my boys of how to be a man. We have been blessed to take the stage before millions.  it is important for us to use that the right way.”

Some of the previous Bart Star Award winners have been: Peyton Manning - Denver Broncos, Aaron Rodgers - Green Bay Packers, Jason Witten - Dallas Cowboys, London Fletcher - Washington Redskins, Drew Brees - New Orleans Saints, Kurt Warner - Arizona Cardinals, Warrick Dunn -Tampa Bay Buccaneers, LaDainian Tomlinson - San Diego Chargers, John Lynch - Denver Broncos, Curtis Martin -New York Jets, Troy Vincent - Buffalo Bills, Derrick Brooks -Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Trent Dilfer -Seattle Seahawks, Darren Woodson -Dallas Cowboys, Bruce Matthews - Tennessee Titans, Aeneas Williams -Arizona Cardinals, Irving Fryar - Philadelphia Eagles, Brent Jones - San Francisco 49ers, Darrell Green -Washington Redskins, Jackie Slater - St. Louis Rams, Cris Carter - Minnesota Vikings, Warren Moon - Houston/Seattle, Gill Byrd - San Diego Chargers, Reggie White - Green Bay Packers, Mike Singletary - Chicago Bears, Anthony Munoz - Cincinnati Bengal's, Steve Largent -Seattle Seahawks

Thank you for your faithful prayers and your partnership making it possible to spread the Gospel of Jesus through the unspoken language of Sport.

Sport continues to be one of the unspoken languages in the world today through which the gospel can speak the clearest and loudest.
-AIA president Mark Householder
Prayer requests & Praises

  • Praise several of the new staff Mike has been coaching on their initial support development have reported to their assignments with AIA. 
  • Prayer for wisdom for Leslie as she begins to coach Amber through the new staff first year curriculum a newly reported staff member to the AIA “teams” 
  • Prayer for Mike as his plate is FULL of ministry responsibilities (coaching new staff, leading team meetings, meeting with staff one on one, preparing for upcoming conferences and events…). Discernment in how to utilize his time/schedule well. The ability to protect his “time with the Lord” and family commitments. 
  • Prayer for patience and perseverance as we begin an invasive/intense treatment plan for our son’s gastrointestinal issues.

Personal Note Mid January we received a call for our first foster placement. What a transition it has been. One of great JOY and sleeplessness/ depravation. We are unable to share a picture of baby “m” with you. We do not know how long exactly he will be with us or if we will become his forever home. We are over the moon blessed with this addition to our family. If you would like to know our journey to this we’d be happy to share it with you.

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