Sunday, September 21, 2014

Sending out Lights into the World (Part 2)

Volume 8 - Issue 5
Sending out Lights into the World (Part 2)
You are the light of the world. A city set on a hill cannot be hidden. Matthew 5:14

The 2014 Keynote Summer ProjectSummer for majority of Cru staff means “Summer Project”. For the last 20 years Keynote Summer Projects have equipped students to effectively communicate the gospel, taught them to use creative platforms to start spiritual conversations and challenged them to grow in relationship with the Lord. The same will be true this summer. However, these students won't be in a band and they won't tour around the country or overseas. In June six eager and talented college students arrived in Indiana for the 2014 Keynote Summer Project.

These students with a variety of skills and abilities (music, dance, film, spoken word and more) worked together to create resource tools - from scratch - to help start spiritual conversations about Jesus. Over the duration of the summer project /weeks there were brainstorming sessions, Bible study, individual discipleship, communication training, fellowship, outreach opportunities and lots of time to work together on their projects. As the project drew to a close the students unveiled their 5 creative projects.
  • A Music video-"Take these open hands. I know that I can reach another with what I have. Make purpose live through me."
  • a survival handbook for college freshmen called Ramen with a Side of College
  • a video with live-action drawing to accompany a spoken word poem
  • a poster series with web-based interaction called Faded Words
  • a social media campaign that can be used by Cru movements across the country!
These colleges students return to their respective campuses with additional evangelistic tools and ministry experiences. The heartbeat of summer project is to create “life change” not only in the summer project student’s lives but to overflow on their campuses.-impacting the next generation. More students reached with the Gospel– movements everywhere.
Photo of Coaching groupTogether we (Mike and Leslie) have been coaching 3 couples in their initial support raising process as new CRU staff. In August and October these 3 family units (6 adults adult and 5 children) will be going overseas (due to security measures we cannot name where) to their assignment as they have completed their support. What amazes us is their heart for a people group that live in spiritual darkness! Moving 1,000s of miles away from “home and comfort” to be a light- A City on a hill! What a privilege as their support coaches to equip and inspire these laborers to be Christ centered, fully funded and financially faithful.
  • Prayer and Praise for team going overseas to their assignment: travel, details, getting settled in a new place...

Praises & Prayer Requests for Mike and Leslie:
  • Pray for wisdom as Keynote makes organizational changes. 
  • Prayer for travel safety as Leslie works at a training in MI the end of Sept. She would rely on the Holy Spirit in discerning what areas to coach/train new Cru staff.
  • We began support coaching 2 new Cru staff families that will be going overseas. Pray that we would speak truth and love as they navigate this new season of their lives (raising their initial support while still working and having family time). 
  • Praise Benjamin LOVES preschool! We marvel at the growth and development we’ve seen in our son over the last yr. (speech/vocab., potty training, social…). Praise the Lord!

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