Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Snapshots of Summer Project

Volume 5, Issue 6

Snapshots of Summer Project

What is Summer Project you ask?
Every summer, college students involved in Campus Crusade from around the United States go to a specific city for 7 weeks with the intention of sharing the Gospel in that area. Keynote is one of many Summer Project sites of Campus Crusade. This year we have 25 students + 13 Impact summer project students. We combine all the students and our staff to form bands. These 5 bands will then go out on a 2-3 week tour in early July to do outreach all over the US by giving evan gelistic concerts. (On right) Our Keynote project staff pose for a group shot dur ing staff prep week prior to the students arrival.

Mike has the responsibility of coordinating and implementing the recent newly created intern training. The 2 week training includes classes on how to raise support, evangelism, commu nication drills and ministry basics. Kate (photo on left) just completed the training a week ago prior to returning to her home in Wisconsin to raise her support. Mike will be coaching her via phone.

Leslie has been enjoying and is blessed in her role- “I’m in my element”! Prepping materials for the classes, coordinating and planning meals, serving behind the scenes and taping students’ communication drills.

Another, highlight has been when Leslie had the opportunity to personally meet one of the Impact interns whom she recently evaluated her application. KB and Leslie smile as they rejoice in her acceptance to the ministry.(See photo on right.)

Last week the students spent the afternoon in band rehearsals after the morning classes and communication drills. This week will be in all day rehearsals. (See photo on left)

On Friday nights during summer project Keynote hosts a Coffee House. This is an event where one of our artists performs and we strategically open it up to the com munity.

It provides a snapshot of what Keynote does throughout the year. Last Friday at the coffee house, a Keynote band-Blue sky Nine performed the concert and it was webcast!

The following week David Pendleton, Keynote’s Ventriloquist, performed. (see photo on right)

The days are long sometimes 10 or 12 hours. But by the time we lay our heads down on our pillows at night we know that the small things we do matter to God and have purpose in building into these summer project students. What we do behind the scenes God sees and knows.

THANK YOU FOR HELPING TAKE THE GOSPEL to ministry bases, prisons and other strategic places through these summer project students!

Prayer Requests:
  • Pray for Mike and Leslie to have connection time as a couple in the midst of our hectic schedules.
  • Praise and Prayer: God has blessed us with an opportunity to mentor a couple in our ministry preparing for marriage as they got engaged in early June.
  • Upcoming band tours: July 7th-26th (details to be solidified, safety, students hearts to be humble and receptive to God’s Holy Spirit.)

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