Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Ministry: Rewind and Present

Volume 5, Issue 1
Ministry: Rewind and Present

Let us first rewind and give God praise for what HE has done in 2009.

Recap 2009
Keynote had a presence in 8 different countries throughout the year. Whether it be a band doing an outreach concert, resourcing a place with training, sending people, all for the purpose of impacting lives for Him.

This past year there were over 59,000 people who heard about how to have a personal relationship with Jesus at one of our concerts. Of those people, well over 2,600 of them informed us that they started a relationship with Him for the first time at our show/concert. (these are just the ones that we know of)

It truly is a privilege to serve the Lord in this ministry and be a part of something that is beyond ourselves for an eternal purpose. As we have reflected on this past year, we continue to grow spiritually and be challenged in our Walk with the Heavenly Father while being an outpouring of the life changing truths of the Gospel. Thank you for partnering in His Work!

Ministry in the decade ahead

The world is rapidly growing and changing. The speed at which people are connecting to each other is constantly accelerating, and the wealth of information made available is growing exponentially. Here are some staggering thoughts: Did you know?

  • Facebook added 100 million users in less than 9 months (according to the United Nations it took radio 38 years just to reach 50 million people).
  • More than one trillion text messages were sent in the US in 2008, that’s 3.5 billion messages per day.
  • Every week teens in the US spend over 10 hours online and 10 hours texting. That same teen spends 29 seconds per day in a meaningful conversation with their parents.
  • If all the Facebook users in the world lived in one country it would be the 4th largest country in the world!
  • There are 70 different languages represented on Facebook.

Older people may not understand it but for college and high school students social networking is where they exist, where they build relationship and where they find out all their news. We call it the 8th continent because it has its own language and its own culture…and for some of us it feels like unchartered territory.

Keynote is seeking to reach the “8th continent” through various social networks. Music is still a part but not the only aspect of our ministry. We need to stay relevant to those whom we are trying to minister to. We are taking the truth of the Gospel into modes of communication that are everyday usage for our audience. There is a platform and ample opportunity to share the Gospel message as well as dialoguing with people about spiritual things regardless of their physical location, age, sex, and even language.

Many of the statistics we share are from a 3.5 min. video that can be seen on this blog:


  • Safe travel for a team heading to Spain.
  • For peace and trust in the Lord’s abundant provision for our major financial deadline Feb. 26th.
  • A continued deepening relationship with our first love, Jesus.
  • Praise! GREAT things HE has done and will do!
(On right, Leslie holding her certificate she received this month in celebration of 5 years with Campus Crusade)

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