Monday, May 11, 2009

International Exchange

Volume 4, Issue 4
International Exchange

Koreans at Keynote
Last month, Leslie helped with many of the details where 22 Koreans came to Keynote for training. There was so much crammed into 72 hours with our Korean friends.

Imagine, if you will, our version of a "Home Improvement time lapse video": Philosophy of Biblical Communication - Communication Drills - Relating to Your Audience - Blue Sky Nine concert - Praise time - Expression of Eyes/Face -Dinner in staff Homes- Resolving Conflict Class- Movement – Mission Vision Values - and they lead worship at a Korean church.

And... this was all done in two languages! JongSul and his team (see photo below) came to catch a vision for music evangelism and they loved every minute they had here with us. There will be more chapters written in our growing partnership with the KCCC (Korean Campus Crusade for Christ) Music Ministry!

Giants (GoS) in Germany
In April one of Keynote’s Bands, Giants of Silence, toured Germany & Switzerland for two weeks. Here is one of their stories.

…we played a show in Aua (pronounced Owa). This town has a population of about 16000. (It is no coincidence that their local soccer stadium holds 16000!) We opened for a local band called "strange error" (made up of Campus Crusade students), and they play hardcore heavy metal. It is normal in the states for people to show up at a concert at the very last minute . Not so here. People started filing in a full 30 minutes early and there was easily more than 100 people resent in what was a fairly small room. The concert took place at a church, but it was evident that many who were there were probably not believers. A number of the kids had backpacks filled with booze and were making frequent sorties outside to indulge. Among those in the crowd was also a tall, vampire-looking guy with freaky eyes who stood totally still and stared. It was very intimidating. I [Ethan– guitar player] must confess that none of us felt particularly safe in this environment. It was exactly the kind of show we have been asking God for!

As we launched into our set, the crowd seemed to really enjoy it. Nobody was killed in the mosh pit and vampire guy stayed put. "All guued nuuews!" Jill [lead vocalist] totally rocked as she shared her story (and His [Christ]) in spite of some heckling and less than perfect translating. At the end of the night 2 people indicated decisions to receive Christ, and 16 purchased CDs (which all contain the gospel) and many many more took our little mini-posters (which also have the gospel printed on them). It was a great night!!

In April, Leslie celebrated her BIG 3-0 b-day. Mike blessed her socks off with surprises and balloons!


  • Pray for the college students who will be participating in the Keynote summer project that begins May 19; to raise their needed funds and for their hearts to be yielded to Christ.
  • Pray for the financial needs of not only us, but Keynote, Campus Crusade, and most other non-profit ministries.
To be loved by God is the highest relationship, the highest achievement, and the highest position of life. -Blackaby & King

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