Friday, September 12, 2008

Students Lives Changed

Volume 3, Issue 9
Students lives changed

I love that phrase “life change”. Our ministry is about winning, building, sending all for the purpose of Life Change. We’d like to give you a snapshot of just how this happens through our ministry. Every summer college students from around the US and overseas come to Keynote to receive training and use their talents in sharing the Gospel message. This is called “Summer Project” (SP).
The 2008 Summer Project Facts:

  • 75 college students
  • 7 bands and a short film team (new this year)
    4 Keynote bands, 1 Destino band (the Hispanic ministry), 2 Impact bands (the African American ministry)
  • Traveled 23,407 miles
  • Performed 93 concerts.
  • 13,090 exposed/ heard the Gospel message.
  • Rejoiced over the 349 new decisions for Christ.

God knows the fruit of what will come from this summer. (today, 6 months from now, in a year…) Let us Praise Him! Glory to God!

ALSO check out Keynote’s 1st short film “w(rec)k” created by SP students click film at the top of the pg., then type in wreck in the search box (You can view the film without purchasing it.) Or click this link: This 5 1/2 min. film is POWERFUL!

Here’s are some stories of how these students’ lives were changed this summer through our ministry and your partnership with us.

Mangofish played in Fort Collins, Colorado, in the Larimer County Jail. It was completely different from any show we had played before, and was a little bit intimidating. about 65 inmates attended. As Brandon (lead singer and guitar player) gave his example of a prayer to pray to begin a relationship with God, a number of inmates prayed audibly, repeating Brandon’s words. One inmate only just started reading the Bible when he went to jail and told us he was revitalized and encouraged by our message. Seven inmates indicated they started a relationship with God that night!

Swerve had a concert at the Indiana Women’s State Prison. The concert was amazing! There were 11 women who accepted Christ and many of them came up to talk to us afterwards. It was very moving to see how willing these women were to hear us and hear about Christ.

Final night of tour, one of the students in Swerve, who had been ambivalent to what God was doing through the concerts finally got it. She confessed her complaining heart and thanked God for showing her how huge His work is in people’s lives. That night, Swerve’s final show, two of her non-Christian friends who came to the show trusted in Jesus for the first time.

A Summer Project student’s comment at the end of touring with Swerve:I know that we have touched many lives but I think that all of our lives will never be the same because of this summer. God has shown himself to each of us and has exceeded our expectations time and time again.

Travis- A return summer project student from last year-I was in a 180 degree different position last year and love that He allowed me to come back and share my realizations and brokenness with the men.

We are therefore Christ’s ambassadors, as though God were making his appeal through us. We implore you on Christ's behalf: Be reconciled to God. 2 Corinthians 5:20

THANK YOU for your investment going toward changed lives! You make a difference!

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