Saturday, August 16, 2008

Back from New Zealand

We are back from our tour to New Zealand. We wanted to share with you some additional things beyond what our upcoming newsletter will contain.

We are praising God:

  • We praise God for the fact that prior to leaving for our trip we backed up our computers. Upon our return from New Zealand, we discovered that the hard drive in Leslie's computer crashed and had to be replaced. We had all of the information available to be restored.
  • This trip was a true blessing and an answer to prayer. As we shared in our June newsletter announcing this ministry opportunity, we had prayed since our engagement for the opportunity to serve together on an overseas ministry trip.
  • We were blessed by the people we stayed with there. We gained a great understanding of the Kiwi culture and were able to see God’s AMAZING, BEAUTIFUL creation!
You may ask “What is touring like?”
Touring is a spiritual greenhouse: it requires flexibility, and logistically- having to trust God (for bringing people, the essential equipment to be provided, etc...).

For me (Leslie) I got to talk with Lilee and Penelope who were interns with the campus ministry in Dunedin. Before our late night show the three of us were talking and I had the privilege to encourage them about relationships, keeping high expectations in a future spouse and the cultural differences in dating. These two girls were such a joy to spend time with and have a heart for their campus. I had the privilege to be the first to hear that they both had decided to do another year of internship with the campus ministry. (see photo of the 3 of us)

The campus ministry is in the midst of growing and we are grateful to have played a small part in this continuing process. This tour in New Zealand was one of a lot of first time risks for the campus ministry, like having an event in a bar. We pray the Lord will continue to bless their efforts in reaching their campuses for Christ.

You may view additional photos from New Zealand by clicking on the picture below:
Additional New Zealand Photos

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