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Partnering with New Zealand

Volume 3, Issue 5
Partnering with New Zealand

We have an incredible opportunity to serve as we have been asked to join a Keynote team going to New Zealand in the month of July. Since our engagement we have prayed for an opportunity to minister overseas, serving together as a couple. Praise the Lord!

Keynote, is sending a band over to New Zealand for a N.Z. ministry conference and then for 3 weeks doing evangelistic concerts on college campuses.

Keynote has desired to have a partnership with New Zealand for a number of years. This will be the first opportunity to see that partnership come to fruition. Keynote exists to partner with other ministries and provide evangelistic concerts to promote the hosting ministry and start spiritual conversations to see people reached for Christ.

The details of this trip and our roles are still in the development process. At this time what we do know is that we will be flying to NZ around July 3rd and join the team for 3 weeks doing evangelistic concerts. Mike, will serve as sound man for the band, while Leslie will probably be available to engage in one on one conversations with the students who attend the concerts.

Personal connections:
What is also a God thing is we have had personal interaction with the N.Z. campus ministry director and his wife. Leslie was a student at Butler when Heather was on staff, there serving with the Campus Crusade college ministry. They met several times to talk about and study the Bible. Leslie was drawn by her testimony and her commitment to Christ. Not only that, but Heather and her husband, Justin, are also Butler graduates! Mike took classes together with Justin in the summer of 2001 at Campus Crusade’s Institute of Biblical Studies.

New Zealand is a small country of nearly 4 million people, but is one of the most secular societies on earth. (taken from In recent years, the suicide rate among 15-24 year olds has been higher than most countries in that participate in the OECD [countries that are committed to democracy and the market economy]. (taken from
Scripture says The harvest is plentiful and the workers are few, There is a NEED for more staff in all our ministries. What a privilege to partner and serve with other people to meet needs overseas.

Space does not permit me to tell you all that God is doing through the ministry of Keynote.
- four Keynote student bands
- two Impact Music teams (Campus Crusade's African American Student Ministry)
- one Destino band (new partnership -Campus Crusade ministry designed to reach U.S. Latinos with the gospel)
- two international teams (New Zealand & Israel)
- our first ever film track (short films designed to foster spiritual conversations)
- our second media track (graphics, web and video)!

Prayer Requests:

  • For the preparations and finances for the trip to New Zealand.
  • Strength and peace in the months ahead as we will be BUSY.
  • We would continue to Glorify the Lord with praises and thanksgiving.

The Gospel message is one of hope and truth built on God’s word, the Bible. That’s a snapshot of what our ministry does. Your partnership is so vital to our ministry. Not only do you see the vision for the world but the confirmation of God’s call on our lives. Thank you for investing in Kingdom things!

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