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Giants in Mexico

Volume 3, Issue 3
Giants in Mexico

In our last newsletter we requested prayer for Keynote’s band Giants of Silence as they were touring in Mexico City last month.

Cool stories from Mexico:Two guys ran out of class to come to our concert because they saw the posters and wanted to see us play. One of the students was an atheist. They missed the concert but wanted to know more about the band and the group on campus. As a result, the staff still got to talk to them and share the Gospel! The next day there was an outreach for Valentines Day where the staff handed out love letters from Jesus. Students remembered the concert from the day before and asked if they were with Giants of Silence. Several students got to hear the Gospel twice in two days!

A random student came up to Emily (local host) and said “I want to know more about spiritual things but I can’t talk right now because my friends don’t want me talking to you and they are calling me away”…Emily shared a 30 second Gospel with him.

We played a concert in a bar just off campus, in Mexico. Students start showing at 9am on Fridays to get smashed (yes in the morning). Do they need the gospel?...yes But even in all of that, the students in charge of the event got into over 50 spiritual girl even began to cry. Are they hungry, curious, looking for answers to their lives?....yes After the concert, two girls approached Kat (host) and said there was something different about our band. They asked why we were all there. Kat got to share her testimony. The girls said they didn’t know what they believed but wanted to be involved with the student group there!

Emily also had a good conversation with a girl who wanted her heart to be filled with more than what’s in the world. – Giants of Silence band members

Telling the Truth

You turn on the TV or pick up the local newspaper only to be bombarded by crimes, drugs, death, war, disease, heartache, brokenness…. I cringe just at the thought of watching the news. Fact is we live in a broken world. Where does one find or have hope? As believers in Jesus, we read from scripture, our everlasting Truth. For many there are temporary or “Band-Aid” solutions to fill the void which only Christ can fill. Souls are aching, searching, needing, and hungry. When one dies, the body will cease to exist yet the soul will live on with Christ or will face eternal death. Heaven is the eternal home for those who have placed their trust and faith in Jesus Christ.

The heart of ministry/missions is to proclaim the Truth of Jesus Christ to a fallen people. We believe that there is a need in this world for the Gospel to be heard and change lives. Although Mike and I are just two people who have hearts for God and his work, others have joined in this opportunity with us. It’s YOU, faithful supporters, prayer partners, and community of believers that share this vision with us to see lives changed. THANK YOU!

Flashback: Forward with Discipleship in India

Sometimes we don’t hear or know how God has used us. Our part is to just glorify His name.

In August of 2005, Leslie as an intern with LifeBuilders, traveled to India with a team of 12 staff. This was a first international trip exposure for this one-on-one ministry of Campus Crusade. The purpose was to train/mentor South Asia Campus Crusade staff women, sharing my life, and encouraging transformation (help them move from head knowledge to it touching their heart). One of the women Leslie trained, Anuja, was in an article featured in Worldwide Challenge (a magazine put out by Campus Crusade for Christ). India
Faith Experience
Anuja Lal knew something was bothering the first-year art student. She had met Jennifer David at Delhi University in northern India, and since Jennifer was young in her faith, Anuja, a Campus Crusade for Christ staff member, began meeting with her on a regular basis. They studied material from LifeBuilders, a new ministry in India, talking about faith and learning to apply Scripture to life experiences.

"The study is great because it allows me to draw the girls out," says Anuja. "We can go deeper. It's not just taking them from verse to verse."

One day Jennifer explained to Anuja that things were tense in her family, especially with her father. The two prayed about the situation, and Anuja helped Jennifer apply her faith to her experience with her family. "We talked about the difference between 'What does my experience say?' and 'What does God say about that same experience?'" says Anuja. Because of what Jennifer learned in the study, she was able to be a witness to her parents and siblings, and now her father has reconciled again with the family.

Throughout India, the LifeBuilders ministry is spreading. In the north-India region where Anuja lives, all 42 staff members have been trained in the LifeBuilders one-to-one mentoring program. They are seeing it grow quickly and easily as one person mentors another. For more information, visit —Becky Hill
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Prayer Requests:
  • Praise the Lord for the sowing that took place in Mexico City. Pray that the Lord would continue to cultivate that targeted city for Christ.
  • Pray for Keynote’s band blue sky nine in Egypt touring until March 14.

The life of faith is a daily exploration of the constant and countless ways in which God’s grace and love are experienced. -Eugene H. Peterson

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