Friday, August 10, 2007

A Canvas of His Creation

Volume 2, Issue 8
A Canvas of His Creation

“Nature is God’s greeting card to us.”-reads a church billboard near our apt. We have passed this billboard several times, only NOW to really grasp its meaning. We just returned from 3 weeks in Colorado. The first two weeks were for the every other summer Campus Crusade U.S. Staff Conference in Ft. Collins, CO. The last week we took our very first vacation as Mr. and Mrs.! What an adventure driving over 3,600 miles! The 500 photos capture only a portion of all we saw!

In our last newsletter we shared our roles at the conference and how it would be a hectic two weeks. We want to share with you what God poured into us during these weeks. The worship was POWERFUL and moving. (It’s not that often you are in a gymnasium with 5,000 people who love Jesus singing Praise songs.) Guest speakers included Chip Ingram (Walk Thru the Bible), Women of Faith Speakers, and Dan Allender (Author and speaker).

The timing of this conference was truly a Godsend. A time to step out of the day to day grind, to serve, to be in fellowship with others, and in the beauty of the majestic Colorado Mountains.

Some key points/ reminders that have an impression on us:
-If God isn't working in me, how will he work through me?
-Trusting God…when things don’t make sense (John 11:1-48)
-The extent of His power available to us. We must choose/claim it.
-Faith rests not on what I feel but on what GOD says.
-I can face the truth because I have a greater truth.

What struck us about this trip was God SHOWING us His character. Leslie is a visual person/learner, so she LOVES pictures: the stillness of the night while camping in Estes Park, (it rained both nights, but God protected us- staying dry); the colorful arch of a rainbow after a rain storm in the mountains; standing atop Horsetooth Mountain in Ft Collins viewing miles of His creation (see photos on rt.); the detailed carving of Mount Rushmore. There is so much to see and yet we only saw a small portion! To think, God already knows even before we are born, the details of our lives, the things we will do, every masterful detail is thought out. His creativity sparks a sense of “AH, amazing, what a big God we have!”
God had so much to show us just by “being still” taking in the scenery. In the midst of chaos, go-go do-do, schedules, analyzing…He gave us rest. How we all need that! It was funny while driving in the Black Hills of South Dakota we saw a real street sign that said “BE STILL RD!” God certainly does have a sense of humor!

Prayer Requests:
  • Praise for safe travel to and from Colorado (July 12—August 5)
  • We would continue to walk in God’s Power as we raise the remaining 25% of our support.

Be Still and Know that I am God.
Psalm 46:10

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