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Keynote's Summer Project ends on a good note!

Volume 2, Issue 7
Keynote’s Summer Project ends on a good note!

These stats include all 5 summer project bands that traveled.
1. 22,000 miles traveled!
2. 57 shows!
3. 5815 people exposed to the gospel!
4. 1065 people lead in worship!
5. 248 people indicating decisions for Christ!
The evening of July 2nd marked the closing night of Keynote’s 13th Annual Summer Project for the students who participated. We heard personal testimonies from the students as to how this experience has changed and affected their lives.
We wanted to share with you some of what was shared of the students hearts. How incredible to be a part of not only sharing the Gospel through band concerts but even in lives of the next generation of believers of Jesus Christ. “Blessed, broken and giving” was the reoccurring theme through the testimonies. Now to think these students will return to their college campuses this fall more empowered to share the Gospel, having grown spiritually, and desire to serve. It has been said that Keynote’s summer project is as intense as that of a “spiritual greenhouse.”

Student testimonies:
I have joy showing people how to fall out of love with the world and in love with Christ.
There is so much to do throughout the world and yet there is much right here in our country.
I gave up my summer because God gave up so much MORE!

Campus Crusade US Staff Conference
Every two summers, all of the missionary staff of Campus Crusade head to the campus of Colorado State University in Ft Collins, CO for our US Staff Conference. In our experience, there is nothing like having 5,000 Campus Crusade staff together for this conference. Keynote serves a unique role at the conference by providing worship teams for the various ministries that meet just prior to the all staff conference and then by providing the worship team for the staff conference itself as well as other support roles. It promises to be a busy few weeks for us as we leave for Colorado on July 12. Mike will serve by running sound for one of the worship teams as well as serving on the MediaShout team (a program similar to PowerPoint). Leslie will serve on the encouragement team which helps to take care of and encourage the busy Keynote staff. There will be close to 100 Keynote staff who will be busy throughout much of the conference and Leslie will have an opportunity to minister to their needs.

Pray for safe travel to and from Colorado (July 12—August 5)
Pray that we can honor God through our service at the US Staff Conference
Pray for the 248 individuals who received Christ through our summer project—that they would grow in their faith and get plugged into a local church.

True faith does not so much attempt to manipulate God to do our will as it does to position us to do his will.
-Philip Yancey

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