Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Imprisoned Yet Free

Volume 2, Issue 5
Imprisoned Yet Free

“It was obvious that even though they are in prison, some of those women are truly free. And the impact was not just one way. It was a powerful experience for the band personally.” Recalls blue sky nine band director Amy Snow. Recently, this band played a concert at a local (Indy) women’s prison.

There were about 200 women (prisoners) there, and they absolutely loved the concert. When Laura (the lead singer) shared her story, the women were really listening intently…some were in tears. After she shared the first part of her story about her dad dying just 7 months ago and started singing “Heal Over”, several women stood…it was such an incredible show of support. (that’s never happened anywhere else the band has played). Within a few seconds everyone was standing!

There were quite a few women who already have a personal relationship with Christ there…women who are truly free though behind bars. The band prayed for more true freedom for these women. And they claimed the promise that God’s Word never returns void. The women were so receptive they really wanted the band to come back and play outside so everyone would come. That’s in the works. The host who brought blue sky nine in plans to e-mail all the prisons in Indiana about them and encourage them to contact Keynote.

Another band member, Lindsay had a woman approach her and ask “Aren’t you uncomfortable being here?” Lindsay had the opportunity to extend God’s mighty grace and share how we all have sinned and fallen short of God’s glory. Lindsay was really humbled by that conversation, realizing that she and this inmate were both “guilty” before God…without Christ we all are.

Keynote Leadership Team cuts the ribbon for dedicating the newly completed rehearsal building.

Leslie stands inside the 22,000 square feet building where Keynote‘s bands will practice, our recording studio is, and a where future concerts and outreaches will be held.

Two years ago Mike and Leslie had their first date the day after she did the Indy mini-marathon. This year Mike was there to be her personal cheerleader.

Prayer Requests:

  • We would continue to live by faith and not by sight. Having confidence in HIM who is enough. (Hebrews 11:1)
  • Praise: building is up and ready for Summer Project Students arriving next week.
  • Pray for the safe arrival of students participating in Summer Project beginning May 17th.

No one is beyond his grace. No situation, anywhere on earth, is too hard for God. - Jim Cymbala

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