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Update: Campus Crusade at Virginia Tech

UPDATE: Campus Crusade at Virginia Tech

Here is an update from the post earlier about Campus Crusade at VT.

17.Apr.2007, 10:39 p.m. EST

By Dave Broadwell, staff member at Virginia Tech

We thought we’d send another update from Blacksburg--today has been much more quiet than yesterday, with the focus being on the convocation that took place at 2 p.m. where President Bush and the Virginia Governor spoke, and then also finding out who are actually amongst those killed yesterday.

An official list still has not been completely released, but by word of mouth and through other sources, here is how our students were touched by this tragedy:

4 students who were involved with Cru at Virginia Tech were killed in the classroom shootings.

The student who found the 2 bodies in the dorm room shooting was a student involved with Cru .

We have a student who was one of only 2 to be able to walk out of his classroom without being shot. As you can imagine, he is very shaken up after witnessing what he did.

We are trying to gather our students together in groups to help them talk this out, pray, cry, anything that will help them process what they are going through.

Classes have been cancelled here for the entire week, so some students may head home, but some may stay in order to be with friends who are going through this common experience.

How You Can Pray

We would ask that you would pray that students don’t isolate themselves. In times like this, it is a natural thing to try to do, but it is not helpful for them in the long run.

Please pray that they talk things through with their friends. Pray also for our staff--they are doing pretty well given the circumstances, but they are tired emotionally and physically.

Pray also for wisdom with dealing with the media--they are swarming any student who saw anything, and it may not be the best for students to get put in the spotlight right now.

Pray for my wife Susan--she will be interviewed by a Cleveland TV station at some point on Wednesday, as they heard we have an Ohio connection.

Lastly, pray for our kids and the other children of Blacksburg. They were out of school today and will be tomorrow, and there were several professors who were parents who were killed or injured.

{Info courtesy of Campus Crusade Staff Web}

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