Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Searching Stylist

Volume 2 - Issue 2

Searching Stylist

Recently I (Leslie) was on my way to a beauty salon. This isn’t a typical or upscale one. You see this was an inner city beauty school where the (adult) students work under the supervision of their teachers offering spa services for less than what you pay at a salon. I discovered this unique place a few years ago. Well, I tell you this because it is a mission field for me (Leslie). Every time I go to this salon, I intend to have a spiritual conversation with the stylist assigned to me. This particular time I was driving there and realized I didn’t have a copy of a small evangelistic booklet “Would you like to know God personally?” I tend to carry one in my purse. I then said to myself “Lord, You have to lead the way for me to initiate a spiritual conversation.”
As I sat down in Jennifer’s chair she immediately picked up the book I had laid on the counter which I brought with me– in case I had to wait. It was a book by one of my favorite Christian authors– Beth Moore. She then energetically asked if it was good, and then shared how she loved to read books.

This open door led us into a comfortable conversation. Jennifer shared how she had two young toddler boys (3, 5), she lived on the East side of town in an apartment. She met the father of her kids 10 years ago at the age of 15 and stood by him even when he was in jail. I shared about my family and what I do. Miraculously, she began to open up and share how she’d been searching. Jennifer knows there is more to life than what she is presently experiencing. As we continued to talk she shared how she grew up going to church yet had fallen away. Her mother and her stepfather were divorced.

I inquired if she was presently attending a church, she was sincerely desiring to but at times falls prey to sleeping in on her only day off. When she does go to church, Jennifer expressed how she senses people looking at her and question “What are you doing here?” I was encouraged to hear that she had been opening her Bible to read a passage of scripture frequently. In her heart of hearts Jennifer desires MORE, a hope beyond her present circumstances (to get married, have a steady income, a job she enjoys.) Upon my departure I encouraged her to continue to seek God and what HE wants for her life. The hard part is I can’t do it for her. Jennifer is searching for Truth. Will you pray with me that she comes to know Christ personally and choose the abundant life HE has for her and that she’ll read the books Mike and I sent to her?

We are Passionate People

The above story is just one example of Leslie’s passion in ministry. She desires to point women to the Truth, Christ and encourage them in their personal relationship with God. Leslie learned a lot and experienced intense training during the year internship with the discipleship ministry that will be an asset to her placement in Keynote’s Staff Development Department.

Mike’s mission and passion is to work with the new staff who are raising their initial support. His title as MPD (ministry partnership development) coordinator doesn’t begin to explain all that he does for the ministry (hour long phone appointments. encouraging and holding accountable new staff raising their support, collecting and reading weekly new staff reports, Human Resources department meetings…) Mike is a servant at heart and serves in whatever capacity he can when there is a need. Mike’s other full time job with Keynote is serving as the IT (technology– computer ) guy.

A Valentine for your soul.

God so loVed the world
That He gAve
His onLy
That whosever
Believeth In Him Should
Not Perish,
But have Everlasting life.
-John 3:16

Pray for the Keynote artists as they are all on various tours this new season.
Pray the Lord would give us stamina as we continue to raise support as a couple.
Pray our lives would be a daily outpouring of God’s love.

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