Monday, December 11, 2006

Christmas Greeting

Volume 1, Issue 4 - instead of a traditional newsletter, we wrote a Christmas greeting.
Joy is simply looking at its treasures. A Christian’s joy is in loving Christ and loving other people because Christ loves them; it is in doing good to others, and so having a Christmas perpetually.

It is in looking forward to that world of glory where we shall be like Him, and shall see Him as He is. “Where I am,” is a sweet assurance, “ye shall be also.” Jesus offers to fill our homes and our hearts with joy, if we will only let Him do it.
(God’s Little Christmas Book, pg. 138)

(In our mailed version of our newsletter, we also included our photo prayer card. We are including it here.)

If you would like a high resolution copy to download of this image, you may find it here:

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